Frequently Asked Questions

I Need Help. How Can I Contact Winning Ads?

For all your questions and suggestions, please send us an email:

What is Winning Ads?

Winning Ads is a user-generated traffic system (UGTS), also known as a manual traffic exchange (MTE or TE).

With our UGTS, or TE, members of our website can promote their websites, webpages, online channels, social media pages and profiles, apps and most of their online content for free. Membership upgrades are available in the members area. These upgrades include advertising packages that are based on Winning Ads its 'credits' system.

In general, our members use our services to:

What Are Considered "Credits" at Winning Ads?

At Winning Ads, members can earn credits for viewing other members their pages.

When a member views a page, he/she will earn 1 credit. In return, the member can use this credit to send a visitor, a member, to his/her own page. This is why Winning Ads is a user-generated traffic system, because our members generate the website traffic. Thus, our members exchange website traffic.

Credits can also be purchased by advertisers, i.e. members who do not want to surf for credits.

As an advertiser, you can assign your purchased credits to the URL(s) that you have submitted in your account. Winning Ads will then use your credits to present your URL(s)/page(s) to our members. Our members will then view your page and they will earn 1 credit for each page view.

Are Credits a Currency?


Is Winning Ads an Investment Program, a Currency or Other Assets Exchange Platform Where Investors Can Earn or Lose Money?

No. Winning Ads is an internet advertising platform. We only offer online advertising services to our members. Members can not buy any company shares, currencies, derivatives or any other such assets at

Is Winning Ads a Multi-Level Marketing Program or Company?

No. Winning Ads itself does not offer any such programs.

Our members can earn 25% to 50% commissions on the membership upgrades of their direct referrals at

What Exactly Can or Should I Promote at Winning Ads?

At Winning Ads we want you to be successful, as an entrepreneur, blogger, vlogger, podcaster, citizen journalist, business affiliate, publisher, artist, chef, author, designer, creator, producer, analyst and with anything else that you do.

Our members want to see and learn more about your skills, your talents, your creations and your offers. Whatever your interests are, we have members that want to know about it.

Promote your blog, company website and pages, advertisements, promos, special offers, publications, posts, videos, broadcasts, articles, app(s), social media content and any other content that you want people to see.

Who is Your Audience at Winning Ads?

At Winning Ads we have an international user base. Men and women from 18 years old to 70+ visit our website daily and use our UGTS to promote their pages and to view yours.

What Makes Winning Ads Different Than Other Manual Traffic Exchange Websites?

Our user-generated traffic system delivers quality content. We do this by attracting a wide variety of content that goes far beyond the "make money online" and "get rich quick" promises that many people want to promote at MTEs.

Additionally, our surf timer, this is the timer we use when our members view pages to earn credits, is set at 10 seconds. Both for free and upgraded members. The principle for this is very simple.

We want to give our members and advertisers the best exposure for their pages, content and offers. That is only possible when you give the members sufficient time to actually view the content. Today, a 10-second timer is the minimum acceptable. Anything less is a waste of credits and money.

On the other hand, a 20 or 30-second timer, for instance, is considered too long by most members. People like to move on with their lives and daily tasks.

That is why we highly recommend that you use appropriate content when you promote at Winning Ads. Use content that catches members their attention instantly.

Who Owns and Manages Winning Ads?

Winning Ads was created, and is currently owned and managed, by Koen Jacobs, who was born in Belgium. Mr Jacobs has been a freelance investigator and internet marketer since 2009.